I’m Back!

Yay! So it had been so long since the last time I posted something here. I missed writing so much here in this blog, I never stopped writing poems when I had the time so, just wait and sometime this month I will be posting some of my works, or I’ll be writing a book review about some of the books that I have read, or maybe a movie or series review that I have finished watching. Just stay tuned for more.


Maligayang Pasko

Maligayang Pasko

Isang katanungan sa aking isipan, 

Sino ka nga ba? Aking kaibigan, 

Minasa’y natong ko aking sarili,

Isang katanungan na bumabagabag sa aking isip.

Ito’y isinulat ko para sa iyo,

Upang malaman mo ang nararamdaman ko.

Kapag ika’y nakakasalubong, 

Hindi alam ang gagawin,

Ngunit tumitingin, 

Pasulyap sulyap rin.

Hindi makalapit, 

Marahil ay nahihiya,

Mga kamay ko’y nanginginig kapag ika’y kausap at kaharap.

Ano ba itong nararamdaman ko?

Ito’y isinulat ko nung araw na tinanong ko, 

Sino nga ba ang crush mo? 

Matagal mo ito bago sagutin,

Ngunit sa huli ay napaamin rin.

Hindi ko alam ang aking gagawin, 

Nung sinabi mong ako ang crush mo,

Nanginginig at bumilis ang tibok ng aking puso, 

Hindi ko alam ang nangayari saakin, 

Ngunit ang alam ko, may ngiti sa aking labi, 

Salamat sayo.

Hindi ko alam ang aking gagawin, 

Hindi ko alam kung paano sasabihin.

Alam kong magulo, 

Dahil kahit ako naguguluhan rin,

Basta ang alam ko,

Isa kang spesyal na tao, 

Nagbibigay ngiti sa aking labi,

Nandiyan lagi,

At higit sa lahat……

Isang taong alam kong nagpapahalaga sa akin.
Sana’y nagustuhan mo kahit magulo. 

Maligayang Pasko muli, at ito’y para sayo.

Who Am I

​Who am I? Yan ang isa sa mga tanong kanina. Sino nga ba ako? Ako lang naman yung taong maaasahan nyo, ngunit ako rin yung nawawalan. Ako lang naman yung taong handa kang tulungan, ngunit kapag ako ang may kailangan, wala kayo. Ako lang naman yung taong laging nandiyan, ngunit kapag kailangan ko kayo, na saan kayo? Ako lang naman yung taong nangangailangan ng tunay na kaibigan na handang gumabay sa akin. Isang kaibigan na hindi ako “option”. Isang kaibigan na hindi ako ginagamit. Isang kaibigan, na aking matatawag na tunay na kaibigan…

Because of You

July 4th, was the first time we saw you in Eat Bulaga, you weren’t smiling nor having a down face you were just being a straight faced yaya. July 4th I did not know you that time nor watched any of EB episodes, but then after July 16th I saw an article about you that you smiled the very first time, I checked it out, I watch the video where you smiled at Alden. I still don’t watch you that time but then during the 1st week of August I started idolizing you, I don’t even know what was the reason why I started, I watched every episode that time. Then days passed I got hooked up even more. I started replaying every episode that passed Then “Tamang Panahon” came I was so psyched-up and had everything prepared to watch it live, I wanted to watch it in Philippine Arena, but I was too far to go there and I still have to do a lot of things, so I just watched it in our house. I didn’t leave my seat the whole time, Watched everything. Then you arrived riding the jeepney I was so excited started dancing and dub smashing the songs that play. After that you change into your pink gown and danced gracefully, then the clock ringed, Alden then arrived, while playing GGMY, your past challenges played while his walking towards the stage. He arrived you walked around the circle facing each other, when you stopped Lola Nidora arrived, she talked you. She left you and Alden were left you talked to each other without a mic. Then he said his massage to you, you did the same. Lola Nidora requested you to dance like a prince and a princess. Then you thanked everyone who had come and watched, then Lola Nidora retrieved the Dairy. Then was really onto you after the TP. I wanted to watch My Bebe Love in cinemas but my father said it was expensive, I just waited for a CD to come out. I was always updated when you were in Japan every place where you went I was with you all the time. When you arrived here in the Philippines January 1st I was so excited that I will once again see you in EB live. It was Alden’s birthday, when we saw you again. Then your birthday arrived I made a edited picture of you. And you inspired me to make this blog and write poems, so thank you very much!! Happy 1st anniversary! 
Btw I’ll watch Imagine You & Me on July 17th.

Late post

Friends? Enemies.

I thought you were the one, but I was wrong.
I thought you were true, but you weren’t
It was all a thought, you weren’t the friend I expected. You were the whole opposite when I knew about you.
And now you’re  hurting me, and I feel like I was betrayed by someone who I really love. But no, it all happend and you couldn’t nor I could bring it back, to the same bond we had.

Time Flies

Woah! It was July when I last updated my blog… So here I am sitting on my bed writing this blog.

It’s already October, and Christmas is approaching, also a in a span of 5 months I am going to turn 16… Can’t really wait for that time to come, but I don’t think that I am ready to be a “16-year-old” girl… I’m still enjoying my life as a preteen (but if you consider 15 as an official teen why not), how I wish I was a 9th grader already, but nahh because of me being scared of going to school I am stuck here being a freshman, but it’s no bad I still have great friends, and we can almost do all what we want to do. Its been 5 months since I started schooling at Quezon Science High School (school for scholars, not to brag), its been a hard 5 months for me to start my high school life, we were all expected to be great at everything (because, all of the students there are the top-notcher of their “bayan”), we were all really stressed out, and sleep almost 4 hours during the exam week, and not really having a “family time during weekend because of projects and assignments due the next week, we were also studying for upcoming tests/quizzes. We are now in our 2nd quarter/grading, and good thing there were a lot of activities done this quarter so we don’t have a lot of lessons this time (but well the activities were done last week and yeah this week was back to regular classes, but next week its going to be the celebration of teachers’ day yes!)

Making Decisions

Making decisions is very hard, and if you’ll choose to stay or leave you’ll have a very hard time of what to do…. I have a problem I joined a club, which is journalism, I though it would be easy but I was wrong (very wrong indeed) we were asked to make a coverage about the upcoming event tomorrow which will be the 22nd of July. I am having second thoughts right now either to continue or stop already even if it didn’t stated yet? I want to leave because I don have the time.. I want to stay because of uhm I don’t know really. What would I do???? HELP ME LORD PLEASE!! I’m crying right now!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!